Kaunas CITY...
Kaunas city skaidres
...new modern hotel...
Kaunas city skaidres
...in the heart of the city...
Kaunas city skaidres
...on the main city avenue...
Kaunas city skaidres
...comfortable and spacious rooms...
Kaunas city skaidres
...for a quiet rest in the most comfortable location...
Kaunas city skaidres
...at an affordable price...
Kaunas city skaidres
... for your convenience a cofe-bar...
Kaunas city skaidres
... and a grocery store in the hotel

Useful information for tourists

Close the windows and lock the doors of your car even when you plan to return shortly. Do not leave valuable things, documents and money in a car. Switch car security system on. We recommend to leave your car in a secure parking.

Be vigilant in the streets of Kaunas: drivers tend to overtake one another and are always in a rush. Cyclists should also be careful: even though a number of people riding bicycles increases, the drivers have not got used to it yet.

Call a taxi by phone: you will pay much less this way. The charge is greater when you catch a taxi on the street or take one at the airport. Every taxi is equipped with a meter showing the amount a customer has to pay.

Leave your valuables, money and documents in a safe at the hotel or a bank. You can entrust the responsible staff of the hotel with your bags or leave them in a storage at the station.

When leaving the hotel close all the windows and lock the doors. Leave a key to the room at the reception of the hotel. Memorize or write down the name and address of the hotel.

In case your car breaks down on the road, call these phone numbers: 8 80000000 (free number when calling from a wired phone) or 118 (you can call from wired or mobile phone; dial the number without a code).

In case of emergency, fire or to call the police dial 112 (you can call from wired or mobile phone; dial the number without a code).

Kaunas bus station information          +370 37 409 060,  +370 37 409 061;

Kaunas railway station information    +370 37 221 093,  +370 37 372 260;

Kaunas airport information                  +370 37 399 307; 

"Kaunas City" hotel – we care about your safety !